Aiming For Healthy Families

Our mission is to provide character/abstinence and tobacco programs throughout the nation that will enable families to have better lives. Through dissemination of information and training, we will promote healthy choices for youth and their families. We will give youth and their families the tools necessary to combat the myriad of problems associated with high-risk behaviors such as teen pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, and dropping out of school.

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is launching a survey to hear directly from parents, caregivers, and young people ages 13-24.

Through Classroom &
Virtual Teaching

AFHF provides and promotes programs for families and communities across Northeast Mississippi, including Alcorn, Benton, Lee, Prentiss, Tippah, and Tishomingo counties:

• Sexual Risk Avoidance education for middle and high schools using evidence-based curriculums
• Community Advisory Group meetings
• Parenting Skill Classes
• Youth Development Programs
• Healthy Relationship Education
Bullying Programs

•Sex Trafficking Education

• Alcohol and Tobacco Education
• Communication Skills

Did you know? AFHF, along with our collaborative partners, provides workshops, resources, and/or referrals for such topics as:

• Conflict resolution
• Domestic violence
• Co-parenting
• Marriage education
• Self-esteem
• Financial literacy
• Sex and labor trafficking
• Sexting and internet safety

Our goal is to EMPOWER our youth to make healthy decisons.






Mississippi ranks #3 in teen births in the USA

–1.5 X the national average (2017)

Mississippi ranks #4 in the most sexually active teens


Mississippi ranks #1 with the highest STD index score

–3 X higher than the national rate.

No One Deserves to Be in an Unhealthy Relationship

Good communication skills are essential for healthy relationships and families


• Not losing sight of who I am

• Ability to share my feelings and needs

•Both people are equally committed


•Joyful, happy, fun


•Acceptance of self and others

• Share basic value system

• Ability to share a relationship without jealousy.

•Having common goals and sense of direction

•Willing to compromise and set standards


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